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How long has The Purlin Mill been in business?

The Purlin Mill opened for business in January 2008.

What gauges of SSR 218 Standing Seam do you manufacture?

24ga and 22ga.

How many colors do you offer for SSR - 218?

20+ colors including metallic colors.

What type of sealant do you pump into your SSR - 218?

We use a non - skinning butyl sealant which is pumped into the female rib of the roofing panel. It forms a 3/16" bead of sealant equivalent to the length of each panel. When the panels are interlocked it creates a water and air tight seal between panels.

What is a girt?

A horizontal structural member in the wall that provides lateral support to the wall panels of your building.

What is Standing Seam roofing?

A roofing panel with concealed fasteners, where the roofing is fastened to the purlin with small clips. The clips are fastened to the purlin with screws and are clipped to your panel. Standing Seam roof systems will often outlast other types of roofing.

What gauge steel do we offer?

16ga, 14ga and 12ga for structural sections. 24ga and 22ga for our SSR-218 roofing panel.

What is the longest length of Zee or Cee we can manufacture?

45'. Please inquire if longer lengths are required?

How many Standing Seam Panels are in a crate?

22 pieces.

What is an Eave Strut?

A structural member located at the eave of a building that supports roof and wall panels.

Do you have American made steel for the Buy American Act?

Yes, we stock American made steel.

What type of paint system do we use for SSR - 218

Cool PVDF paint sytem.

How long does your paint warranty last for the SSR - 218?

We offer a 30 year warranty

What is a purlin?

A horizontal structural member in the roof that supports the loads from the roof panels and are supported by the building rafters.

What are Zee's and Cee's?

Purlins are generally manufactured in two profiles. Those being Z purlins and C purlins. These purlin styles get their names from their shapes you see when looking at the end of the bars.

What's the difference between a Purlin and a Girt?

Purlins are specific to the roof. Girts are used on the walls.

What size Zees and Cees do we manufacture?

Standard sizes are 4" x 2 1/2", 6" x 2 1/2", 8" x 2 1/2", 10" x 3", 12" x 3", 14" x 3".
Custom sizes are 4" through 14" web. 2" to 5" flange, please inquire.

What is the longest length of Standing Seam Panel we can manufacture?

65'. Please inquire if longer lengths are required?

What size holes do you punch in your purlins and girts?

Our standard hole size is 5/8" x 11/16". This allows for faster erection of thickness when lapping Zees. Many other hole sizes are available.