The Purlin Mill

Located in Hubbard, Oregon, The Purlin Mill is the only manufacturer of purlins and girts for the pre-engineered steel building market located in Oregon. 

With a newly constructed 17,000 sq. ft. production facility, the Purlin Mill has the ability to fulfill orders of all sizes.

Housing a brand new 162 foot long automated Mark II rollformer, the Purlin Mill has the ability to produce 4” to 14” ZEEs, CEEs, Struts, and Channels, as well as angles. We gladly process custom orders.

In an attempt to ease the assembly process, each piece is inkjet printed with the job number and piece mark for quick on-the-job identification.

The state-of-the-art rollforming line allows for precision hole punching, from customer supplied punch charts, assuring the most economical product with the latest in technological accuracy.

The Purlin Mill focuses on quality. The holes and the slots are placed exactly so when it goes out into the field, it installs quickly, easily and correctly.

If needed, the Purlin Mill provides in-house drafting services to develop customized hole-punch charts for each project.

The team at the Purlin Mill is passionately focused on providing high-quality products with fast turnaround. Each piece is personally inspected to ensure accurate and professional results.

The Purlin Mill also produces a concealed fastener, architectural standing seam roofing panel named SSR218. This mechanically seamed panel with factory applied non-skinning butyl mastic is used for commercial or residential applications. A variety of clips are available, including floating or fixed clips. SSR218 clips  are available in a variety of heights to work with your specific application. These structural panels are capable of spanning 5 foot purlin spacings, yet are aesthetically appealing and can also be used for residential applications.

Whether you need purlins or standing seam roofing, we provide high quality product at a competitive price with a quick lead time.

The Purlin Mill – Where Product Meets Precision.